Coppervape Spare Airdisk Set for Skyline RTA - 8 PCS

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Extra Airdisk for Coppervape Skyline RTA Atomizer (8 Pieces)
  • The airdisk is a special custom designed and high precision machined part for the Skyline deck, which regulates the airflow to your resistance and defines how tight or open is your draw. 
  • Airdisks are made from high quality food grade thermoplastic PEEK which has excellent high temperature resistance and fits perfectly in the slot of the Skyline decK.
  • Package included: 1.5mm*1 hole, 1.5mm*2 holes, 1.5mm*3 holes, 1.8mm*2 holes, 1.5mm*3mm slot, 1.8mm*3 holes, 1.5mm*4mm slot, 1.8mm*6mm slot
Color Beige
Product Type Rebuildable Parts
Material Thermoplastic
Package 8 x Spare Airdesks
Weight 0.1g (0oz)
Depth 5.5mm (0.22 inch)
Height 6.7mm (0.26 inch)
Width 6.6mm (0.26 inch)